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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dreams vs. Goals

First let me say that dreaming is critical to goal setting because dreams are the foundation that goals are built on. Dreams are what keep you going when the going gets tough. They give you hope and give you a hint into the future that you can create for yourself.

But, dreams ARE NOT goals. Dreams are passive. Anyone can do it, and without moving a muscle. Goals on the other hand are active. They require action, and they require effort. Goals require you to take initiative and
do something.

Let's look at what goals aren't now. They aren't wishes. They aren't something you say and then walk away, waiting for someone else to do the work. Goals require active involvment and some work. Goals aren't vague or unattainable. They aren't impossible. They aren't random or magic or mysterious.

Plain and simply, a goal is something very specific that you can identify, you desire to achieve, you plan to achieve, and you put forth the effort to achieve.

Not New Year’s Resolutions

Some people also confuse New Year’s resolutions with goals. New Year’s resolutions are seldom goals—they’re more apt to be wishes. Typically, people set New Year’s resolutions because it is the popular thing to do at a particular time of year. They don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what they really want to achieve in life, and most resolutions focus merely on eradicating some aspect of their life they don’t like all that much—not on building a positive result. Furthermore, resolutions are flimsily worded, too generic or vague, and they don’t involve a wholehearted commitment on the part of the people making them.

It’s not surprising then, that most New Year’s resolutions are broken before the month of January is through.

Goals, on the other hand, require concentrated thought, have a specific objective, should be worded positively, and require a commitment. Goals are the stepping-stones that lead you to the life of your dreams.

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