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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

As I promised, I am going to talk about goal setting for a while. We all have heard the studies and read the reports - goal setters Succeed! This is because their dreams and goals have created a passion in their lives, that moves them into daily, weekly, monthly & yearly action, that creates accomplishment. Goals create balance, priorities, and life-enhancement. Goals are exciting because they provide focus and aim for our lives. They cause us to stretch and grow in ways we never have before. In order to become better, we must change and grow!

There are 3 components to a goal. It must be inspiring. It must be believable, and it must be one you can act on. Only when all 3 components exist, will you accomplish them.

"All things are created twice. There's a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation of all things. You have to make sure that the blueprint, the first creation, is really what you want, that you've thought everything through. Then you put it into bricks and mortar. Each day you go to the construction shed and pull out the blueprint to get marching orders for the day. You begin with the end in mind."
- Stephen Covey

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