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Thursday, September 27, 2007

21st Century Business Women

When the first generation of women entered the workforce in earnest in the 1970s, they succeeded in the only way they could – by imitating men. Authoritarian leadership and tight control was the hallmark of that day’s businessman, and women were not exactly welcomed into the ranks of management. Well ladies, that was yesterday, and today is today!

Forget what your mama or your boss told you, because following the rules can be bad for your career. Today’s CEO/Entrepreneur can no longer her company’s full potential using a “command-and-control” style. The 21st century business woman needs to be able to build a vision based on the awareness of economic transformation, then help her partners and staff fulfill that vision. She must draw on a wide range of skills to get to the top and stay there. Following are 7 Key Characteristics that are essential:

1. Sell the Vision: A leader with a fresh, independent plan for her company’s growth and future has a distinct advantage in luring and keeping great talent and investors. Vision is not some lofty ideal, but an obtainable concept that is easy to understand and will make the company grow to another level.
2. Reinvent the Rules: While women have traditionally been socialized to please others, the 21st century leader knows that good girls rarely post great returns. The strong managers/owners today not only anticipate change, they create entirely new organizations that respond to shifts and search for innovation.
3. Achieve With A Laser Focus: Go where others fear to tread! Being aggressive and ambitious has long been considered male traits, but they are key qualities for new leaders. Today’s business woman has the ability to home in on opportunities that others may simply not see, and then excel in that uncharted territory.
4. Use High-Touch in a High-Tech Era: When a number of leaders are conducting business by e-mail, voice mail, passwords, and PINs, the female entrepreneur succeeds because she guides with a strong, personal, bed-side manner. Today’s business woman is just as technologically savvy as her peers, but her skill with staff and customers is “high-touch” which gives her a critical edge and separation from the “pack”.
5. Challenge or Opportunity? – Women are great at turning a challenge into an opportunity instead of using the “slash-and-burn” approach. They are able to make bold strokes, but they also win the cooperation of others in the organization in making any transformation a success.
6. A Customer Preference Obsession: In this information age which makes it easier to shop around for the best “whatever”, businesses must work harder to give people what they want before their competitors do. There is no substitute for spending time with clients to become expert at their businesses and learn their demands. Female leaders are almost intuitively adept in doing just that, and without the client even suspecting.
7. Courage Under Fire: Show me any career woman or female entrepreneur today that isn’t able to “stand-the-heat” in any tough-call situation. Their decision-making skills are rooted in a high level of confidence, because they’ve had to weather and surpass any and all “corporate” storms they’ve encountered over time.

It takes a certain mind-set and bravado for anyone to start their own business and succeed, but it’s even more difficult for a female entrepreneur. Let’s face it, ladies! We’ve always had to be twice-as-smart and twice-as-confident as any male counterpart in the corporate world. After all, if we can bear and raise the future generation, how can running a successful business scare us?

21st Century Business Woman

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creating The Best Online Business

There are many different ways to make money on the Internet but this article today will focus on one particular idea, creating the best online business.

The method that we will focus on today is creating a website in a small but profitable niche. What all businesses come down to is finding and maintaining a strong and solid customer base that can constantly make them money. This is true no matter what type of business this is, Internet or retail. The only way that a company makes money is by attracting a solid base of customers and then building off of that. If you are able to build a solid base of highly responsive customers, you will have the opportunity to print your own money.

The first key in creating the best online business is to help you identify a niche that you can work in. This can be a bit tricky, but you must make sure that it has a few characteristics. First, you will want the subject to be something that you are interested in hopefully. To truly create a website that people will want to keep visiting, you will have to have a great deal of information and different ways to keep them interested. You will probably need to be researching these topics quite a bit, so a strong interest within the field will help you. Secondly, visit

That was great information but here is the rest quickly. You want your website to be built around those keywords so that Internet searches bring up your website among the first page of search results. By doing this, you can start gaining traffic to your website. By constantly writing articles, you can develop a repeat client base which you can begin selling to. Once you are done developing the website, you need some sort of product to sell. This is not necessarily something that you have to come up with. If you go to, you will find many different products that you can probably sell within your particular niche. You will get a share of the profits and the system is automated so that you just have to guide your clients over to that particular website and everything else is taken care of for you.

If you decide and look into developing a newsletter then you can promote a product at the end of the newsletter, which could bring you in a great deal of money. This is where you can make some good money. Hopefully this article on creating the best online business will help you out. If you want to succeed, try this idea but keep testing as it takes great time and effort to become a strong and profitable website.

For a great online business visit:

My Online Biz

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stressfree Holiday Shopping

I hate to bring this up, but we are already almost half-way through September, which means Christmas is just on the horizon. It is never too soon to start thinking about those special gifts for those special persons in your life.

This season you can get fabulous gifts for everyone on your list from the comfort of your own home. Just vist my Mary Kay personal website. You'll find fragrances, pampering products, and more at your convenience.

For stress free holiday shopping come and shop with me and Mary Kay.

Stress-Free Holiday Shopping With Mary Kay

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meet Mrs. CAB

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Be Your Own Boss
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Meet Mrs. CAB