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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Are You Properly Prepared?

If you’re like most people, estate planning is not something you think about every day. Many of us put off properly preparing for our loved ones once we are gone. either because we can't afford an attorney, or are too busy, or just simply don’t want to think about it. But let me tell you, this is something we all need to think about NOW!! A Will just may be one of the most important legal documents you ever sign.

What is Estate Planning?

In simple terms, estate planning is writing down your instructions for giving away the things you have acquired during your lifetime, and making sure people who depend on you are taken care of. Estate planning can help accomplish a number of goals, including avoidance of taxes and Probate fees, providing for continuing care of children/dependents, and other individual purposes. A valid Will is one of the basic tools of estate planning, however, there are a number of other tools. Properly prepared, a Will can be a very simple document setting out a complete plan regarding distribution of your Estate. Your Will should always reflect your goals, family needs and personal decisions. Your Will can be amended or revoked and replaced by a new one at any time.

What Happens If You Have No Will

If you die without leaving a valid Will you are said to die Intestate. In such situations, your property will be distributed pursuant to a legislative scheme (state laws) devised to attempt to provide for an orderly distribution of property. The terms of Intestate distribution plans vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and can be very complex. The best way to avoid having the state decide who is to receive your property is to have a valid Will.

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